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We can go on a long wonderful journey together.
Are you sad, depressed or worried about your life or family?
Is something aching in your body? Are you getting old?
If answer is “yes” it means you are still alive and you care about people around you!
Can you make things better or less painful? Of course you can!
This is a goal of our journey together.

You will never believe how many wonders are there to make you smile, laugh, smell a rose and fall in love again.
The first and the most important step is to decide for yourself: what dreams did not come true?  Do you want to make conscious effort to change things around, to bring fresh air to your life and to the life of those you love? We have the entire life to make mistakes, learn from them, and change something in our lives not to repeat the same mistakes again.

It is OK to fall, to despair and to cry. It makes us stronger and wiser when we stop crying and continue our developmental path with more awareness and courage. It takes lots of strength and courage to admit mistakes, apologize and start things anew.  “You are the Healer”, “Healing comes from within”, “Remedy lies with ourselves”, “Heal Thyself”… It all points to your active participation in the process of healing; doctors and remedies are there only to help you. The main job/effort is yours.

Heal Yourself Inc. is focused in helping you with education/consultations on different Holistic Healing methods, tools and approaches.  I am a Holistic Nurse using Apitherapy, Aromatherapy, Flower essences, Crystal Healing, Herbology, Magnets, Hydrotherapy and Oil-dispersion baths, Color Therapy, G-Jo Acupressure, Moxibustion, Reiki, Karuna Reiki and Japanese Reiki techniques, Biodynamic gardening, Bonsai and Ikebana and many others practical methods.

My focus is always on simplicity and self care. You do not need to have a medical education to use folk home remedies that humanity is using for self care for thousands of years. “All you need is LOVE”.  Actually, anything that can be used creatively brings internal healing power to action in the person.

My special interest is in stress prevention/reduction, cancer, immune system support, menopause and development of individual coping skills as well as healing through finding personal purpose and goals in life.  I have been using a holistic approach to health and illness my entire life.  I am learning still every day new things as it is an endless dynamic ocean of life and wisdom that communicates to those who are open and willing to hear and respond.
So, I am here, in Clinton, CT.

If you need my help in finding information about any tools that you personally can use for the recovery or balance in life, direction to go or consultation on a specific holistic medical subject, please feel free to send me E-mail and I will try my best to advise you on line or we can schedule a visit.